Note: I will indicate GF whenever the recipe is Gluten Free, and VG when it is vegetarian. I am neither one, nor the other, but it naturally occurred that alot of what I cook is free of gluten. This is just an indication for people who would be searching for a specific kind of recipe, and do not run away thinking that these recipes use strange, expensive, or unobtainable ingredients!


Aloo Poha, Indian rice and potato breakfast (gf)
Avocado, pickled shallot and egg Tartines (vg)
Bergamot Curd (gf)
Bitter orange marmalade (gf) (vegan)
Blackcurrant Jam (gf) (vegan)
Blueberry compote (vegan) (gf)
Caramelized apples (gf)
Çılbır, Turkish poached egg and yoghurt (vg)
Congee, Asian rice porridge (can be gf, can be vg)
Egg baked inside a pumpkin (gf)
Egg and arugula (can be gf)
Eggs and Spinach (Iraqi Makhlama bil Sbenagh) (gf)
Eggs Benedict with asparagus and smoked trout
English muffins
French Toast
Fresh Garlic broth with a poached egg (can be vg)
Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie (gf) (vegan)
Granola with kuri squash and pecans (vg)
Kefir pancakes and Blueberry compote (vg)
Labneh (gf) (vg)
Mamounieh, Syrian semolina porridge (vg)
Oat pancakes with orange zest and poppy seed (vg)
Oatmeal with shiitake and poached egg (vg)
Potato Pancakes (vg)
Raspberry and Rosewater jam (gf) (vegan)
Vatrushki, Russian cheese brioches (vg)

Salads (main dishes or side dishes)

Arugula and citron salad (gf) (vg)
Arugula, Kumquat, and Walnut salad (gf) (vegan)
Asparagus and Quinoa salad (gf) (vegan)
Bean, Tomato, and Olive salad (gf) (vg)
Beet, Arugula, and Goat cheese salad (gf) (vg)
Beet Salad à la Tartare (gf) (vg)
Blood orange and watercress salad (gf) (vg)
Cabbage and Chicken Salad {Goi Ga Bap Cai} (gf)
Celery-rémoulade with other vegetables (gf) (vg)
Dandelion green, bacon and egg salad (Salade Lyonnaise)
Egg Salad (gf) (vg)
Fennel and Orange Salad (gf) (vg)
Freekeh, Celery, and Pomegranate Salad (vegan)
Fresh Herb and Egg salad (gf) (vg)
Kale Salad, with oranges, capers, and raisins (gf) (vegan)
Lentil salad with purslane, halloumi, and pomegranate (gf) (vg)
Lentil and Smoked Mackerel salad (gf)
Mushroom and Walnut salad (gf) (vegan)
Orange, leek, and pistachio salad (gf) (vegan)
Parsley, barley, and marinated feta salad (vg)
Peach and mozzarella salad (gf) (vg)
Red Cabbage and Quinoa Salad (gf) (vg)
Red Cabbage, Fresh herbs, and Tahini Salad (gf) (vg)
Red Cabbage Salad (gf) (vg)
Summery chicken salad (gf)
Tomato, pepper, and dill salad (Dagga) (gf) (vegan)
Waldorf Salad (gf) (vg)
Watercress salad (gf) (vg)
Watermelon, ricotta salata, and basil salad (gf) (vg)
White bean salad, with tuna, celery, and preserved kumquats (gf)
Wild rice and chicken salad


Chicken and spinach soup (gf)
Chrianteli, Georgian cherry soup (gf) (vegan)
Cold buttermilk, grains, and fresh herb soup (vg)
Cold kefir and cucumber soup (gf) (vg)
Cold Watermelon and Tomato Soup (gf) (can be vegan)
Corn and chicken soup (gf)
Cream of Chestnut with fresh truffle (gf) (vg)
Cream of Jerusalem Artichokes and its two garnishes (gf) (can be vg)
Creamy roasted tomato soup (gf) (vegan)
Fresh Garlic broth with a poached egg (can be vg)
Iraqi soup with beans and rice (gf) (vegan)
Meatballs in broth (Kufta Bozbash) (gf)
Potage Parmentier (potato and leek soup) (gf)
Russian Sorrel soup (gf) (vg) (can be vegan)
Salmorejo, Tomato and Bread cold soup (vg) (can be vegan)
Spinach and Lentil Soup (Palak Dal) (gf) (vg)
Split Pea Soup (gf) (vegan)
Sweet Potato and Peanut soup (gf) (vegan)
Turnip Soup (gf) (vg)
Vegetable broth (gf) (vg)
Wild garlic and smoked trout soup (gf)

First courses

Asparagus, shrimp, and egg (gf)
Beef and Wasabi carpaccio (gf)
Grilled Asparagus, feta and olives (gf) (vg)
Grilled Eggplant with honey-tahini sauce (gf) (vg)
Kiwi and Shrimp Verrines (gf)
Scallop and Grapefruit ceviche (gf)
Shirred egg with blood sausage
White Asparagus, Flemish-style (gf)

Main dishes

Apple Cassoulet (can be gf)
Arugula Guotie (potstickers)
Avocado, pickled shallot and egg Tartines (vg)
Baghali Ghatogh, Iranian fava bean stew (gf) (vg)
Carbonara pasta with Brussels sprouts
Carbonara pasta with Romanesco broccoli
Coconut and Curry Mussels (gf)
Chicken and Egg Japanese Rice Bowl (Oyakodon) (can be gf)
Congee, Asian rice porridge (can be gf, can be vg)
Chicken al-bustaniya (Iraqi chicken with dried fruit) (gf)
Chicken with a Bitter Orange sauce (gf)
Chicken with a walnut and pomegranate sauce (Iraqi Fasanjoun) (gf)
Chicken risotto (gf)
Chicken tajine, with olives and preserved kumquats (gf)
Chinese five-spice Cod
Couscous with orange vegetables and spices (vg)
Duck and squash (gf)
Duck ragoût with pomegranate molasses (can be gf)
Eggplant Rolls (Iraqi Lafat al-Betinjan) (gf)
Fava bean and Dill Omelet (Persian style) (gf) (vg)
Fregola Sarda and Razor Clams
Fresh pasta and creamy asparagus sauce (can be vg)
Fresh pasta with walnut and sun-dried tomato pesto (vg)
Golubtsy (Russian stuffed cabbage) (gf)
Gratin dauphinois (gf) (vg)
Harissa, Iraqi lamb and barley porridge           
Herb-crusted lamb with carrot cream
Hiyashi-jiru, a cucumber, sesame, and miso Japanese soup (gf) (vegan)
Italian-inspired Tartare (gf)
Kimchi Mac’N’Cheese
Lamb and Halloumi Burgers
Lamb and Pomegranate stew {Azeri Nar Govurma} (gf)
Lebanese eggplant, lentil, and pomegranate « stew » (gf) (vegan)
Leek and Maroilles cheese quiche
Lentil and rice balls, Iraqi style (Kuftat adass wa timman) (vegan) (gf)
Lobio, seasoned Georgian beans (gf) (vg)
Louisiana Red Beans and Rice (gf) (vg)
Mauricettes with sauerkraut and sausage
Olady (Pancakes) with dill, smoked trout, and leek fondue
Pan-fried Razor Clams (gf)
Parsnip Dumplings in a vegetable broth (vg)
Pasta with chard and pork
Pasta with creamy ricotta sauce, smoked bacon, and pistachios
Pasta with garlic and yogurt sauce
Pasta with green asparagus sauce (vg)
Pasta with fresh and dried tomatoes (vg)
Pasta with watercress, dried tomatoes, etc. (vg)
Pea hummus and egg tartine (vg)
Polenta, wilted kale, and poached egg (gf) (vg)
Pork and Chestnut Meatballs
Pork and Lemongrass Meatballs (gf)
Pork stuffed with a Spinach and Pistachio paste (gf)
Potato and Quince risotto (gf)
Potato curry from Mathura (gf) (vg)
Potato dumplings {Vareniki} (vegan)
Potato Gnocchi with sauteed chanterelles (vg) (can be vegan)
Quiche lorraine with Salsify
Ravioli with Smoked Ricotta
Red Chicory (Radicchio) Risotto (gf) (vg)
Red Kuri Squash Gnocchi (vg)
Rice with Fava Beans (Iraqi Timman Bagilla) (gf) (can be vg)
Rice pilaf with Spring Vegetables and spices (gf) (vg)
Risi e bisi (pea risotto) (gf) (vg)
Roasted marrow bones with green sauce
Runner Beans with eggs (Lobya Çığırtma), (gf) (vg)
Sauteed Corn and Zucchini (vg; can be gf; can be vegan)
Sauteed Kale and Cabbage with white poppy paste (gf) (vg)
Sauteed Salsify (gf) (vg)
Scallops and Bergamot butter sauce (can be gf)
Shrimp Curry (Iraqi Shrimp Curry) (can be gf)
Smoked mackerel fishcakes (can be gf)
Sole stew with Belgian Beer       
Spaghetti with various clams and zucchini

Spring vegetable stew (Vignarola alla romana) (gf) (can be vg)
Steak with mushroom and cognac sauce (gf)
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Stuffed Trout (Iraqi Samak mashwi bil-Summaq) (gf)
Sugar Snap Pea and Sichuan Chicken stir fry (can be gf)
Sweet potato gnocchi with spinach sauce (vg)
Tempeh, Cabbage, and Scallion guotie (potstickers) (vegan)
Tofu Ghormeh Sabzi, Persian herb stew (gf) (vegan)
Traditional Beef Tartare (gf)
Trofie pasta with pesto, potatoes, and green beans (vg)
Udon noodles and Brussels sprouts (vegan)
Veal, Sorrel, and Fresh Herb stew {Azeri Sabzi Govurma} (gf)
Wild duck, honey-spice glazed, with fig and grape sauce (gf)
Wild mushroom hand pies (vg)
Zucchini pancakes (gf) (vg)

Sides and nibbles

Eggplant rolls with walnut stuffing (gf) (vegan)
Curry Guacamole (vegan) (gf)
Dill biscuits (vg)
Garlic Knots (vg)
Gougères with comté and chives
Gratin dauphinois (gf) (vg)
Kiwi and Avocado Salsa (gf) (vegan)
Labneh (gf) (vg)
Jajeek – Iraqi cucumber and yoghurt (gf) (vg)
Mak Kimchi (gf)
Marinated Olives (gf) (vg)
Misaqua’at Betinjan – Iraqi spicy eggplant purée (sg) (vg)
Onion Pakoras (gf)
Pea Hummus (gf) (vegan)
Pickled mushrooms (can be gf) (vegan)
Puréed Fava Beans – Iraqi Baghilla Mahrousa (gf) (vg)
Purslane Fatayer (vegan)
Red Cabbage Confit, with chestnuts and spices (gf) (vg)
Sage and Anchovy fritters
White bean purée with pickled mushrooms (can be gf) (vegan)
White Bean spread (gf) (vegan)
Wild chanterelle crostini (vg)

Desserts and snacks

Almond cake and Candied Bitter Oranges (gf)
Almond Halva (gf)
Amrakhand, mango and saffron yogurt (gf)
Basler Leckerli (vg)
Bergamot Curd (gf)
Berry and crème de cassis Cranachan     
Blackcurrant Sorbet
(gf) (vegan)
Black Sesame Ice Cream
Brioche pie with red currants
Buckwheat financiers (gf)
Cakes with candied chestnuts
Caramelized apples (gf)
Cherry and Almond Clafoutis (gf) (vegan)
Chestnut, buttermilk and rum cakes
Chicory crèmes brûlées (gf)
Chocolate, beetroot, and raspberry cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Sorbet and Maple Pears (gf) (vegan)
Christmas Stollen 
Fig and Chicory cakes (gf)
French Toast
Galette des Rois 2014 (pistachio and sour cherries)
Galette des Rois 2015 (quince and vanilla)
Galette des Rois 2017 (bergamot curd)
Gingerbread cake
Grape Tart (Guest post)
Grilled Cheese Camembert Sandwich

Iraqi Apricot Balls (Kurat al-mishmish) (gf) (vegan)
Iraqi Date cookies (Kleicha tamur) (vegan)
Kefir Panna Cotta with Honey, and Spiced Plum Compote (gf)
Kiwi Sorbet (gf) (vegan)
Kumquat and Date Compote (gf) (can be vegan)
Macaroons from Amiens (gf)
Mini runny chocolate cakes (gf)
Mirabelle plum clafoutis
Orange, Kiwi, and Pomegranate Salad (gf) (vegan)
Pistachio and drunken cherry amaretti (gf)
Plum crumble
Quince loaf
Rhubarb Clafoutis (gf)
Rhubarb Tartelettes
Rustic Plum Tart
Saffron Ice Cream (gf)
Strawberry Ice Cream (gf)
Strawberry Salad, with Timut pepper and balsamic vinegar (gf) (vegan)
Strawberry Soup (gf)
Stuffed Apples (Rabottes from Picardy)
Summer fruit galette
Vatrushki, Russian cheese brioches (vg)
Watermelon and Rasberry Granita (gf)
White Chocolate Mousse (gf)

Breads and doughs

Ajwain Parathas (Indian Ajwain flatbreads) (vg)
Alsatian Mauricettes (Pretzel rolls)
Chive and Pink Peppercorn Buns
Garlic Knots           
Göyerti Qutab (Azeri sorrel flatbreads)
(Easy) Burger Buns
English Muffins
Feseli, Flaky Spiced Flatbread (vg)
Gingerbread Cake
Lard pie dough
Potato Pizza
Potato and Dill Iraqi flatbread (végétalien)
Schiacciata con l’uva (Tuscan flatbread with black grapes) (vegan)
Smoked Trout Loaf
Vatrushki, Russian cheese brioches (vg)
Whole-Wheat tortillas (vegan)

Other (sauces, condiments, chutneys, etc.)

Apple and Blueberry sauce (gf)
Bergamot Curd (gf)
Bitter orange marmalade (gf) (vegan)
Blackcurrant Jam (gf (vegan)
Carrot green pesto (gf)
Cashew and chickpea spread (vegan)
Chili Oil from Szechuan (gf) (vegan)
Cured duck breast (gf)
Green Asparagus pesto-puree (gf) (vg)
Hyssop za’atar (gf) (vegan)
Lacto-fermented celery (gf) (vegan)
Mak Kimchi (gf)
Plum Chutney (gf) (vegan)
Potted Shrimps (gf)
Quick Cucumber Pickles (gf)
Red Kuri Squash Spread (gf)
Roasted cherry tomatoes (gf) (vg)
Salt-preserved Kumquats (gf) (vegan)
Sir Torshi, fresh garlic pickles (gf) (vegan)
Smoked Mackerel rillettes (gf)
Svanetian Salt (gf) (vegan)


Chaï Noomi Basra (Iraqi Dried Lime Tea)
Dry fruit milkshake
Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie (gf) (vegan)
Mors, Russian Berry drink (gf) (vegan)
Rhubarb lemonade
Turmeric Milk (gf) (can be vegan)

Iraqi cuisine

Apricot Balls (Kurat al-mishmish) (gf) (vegan)
Chaï Noomi Basra (Iraqi Dried Lime Tea)
Chicken al-bustaniya (Iraqi chicken with dried fruit) (gf)
Chicken with a walnut and pomegranate sauce (Iraqi Fasanjoun) (gf)
Cucumber and yoghurt dip (Jajeek) (gf) (vg)
Date cookies (Kleicha tamur) (végétalien)
Eggplant Rolls (Iraqi Lafat al-Betinjan) (gf)
Eggs and Spinach (Iraqi Makhlama bil Sbenagh) (gf)
Harissa (Iraqi barley and lamb porridge)
Iraqi soup with beans and rice (gf) (vegan)
Lentil and rice balls, Iraqi style (Kuftat adass wa timman) (vegan) (gf)
Potato and Dill Iraqi flatbread (végétalien)
Puréed Eggplant (Misaqua’at Betinjan) (gf) (vg)
Puréed Fava Beans – Iraqi Baghilla Mahrousa (gf) (vg)
Rice with Fava Beans (Iraqi Timman Bagilla) (gf) (can be vg)
Shrimp Curry (Iraqi Shrimp Curry) (can be gf)
Stuffed Trout (Iraqi Samak mashwi bil-Summaq) (gf)